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Solar Freezer
Solar Freezer
Solar Freezer

Solar Powered Chest Freezer 21 cu.ft (OEM Available)

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Solar  Powered Chest Freezer 21 cu.ft

The Solar  Powered Freezer Series is specially designed to take advantage of rising solar and alternative energy markets. With a specially patented and uniquely in-house designed compressor, we made it possible and pioneered the largest market sized DC powered chest freezer. Backed by our long history in manufacturing, we believe strongly in our products and ability to craft quality and reliable products.

The Solar Powered Freezers are constructed with 4.5 inches of polyurethane insulation, making this one of the best in class in not only keeping your freezer cold, but also keeping energy consumption as low as possible. The SunStar Solar freezer also comes equipped with a built in automatic 12V/24V current switch to allow for operations for almost any battery, location, or situation.

The Solar Powered Freezer also features a powdered coated galvanized steel interior for durability and longevity, a double gasket design to ensure the tightest seal possible, along with a cooling fan to enhance the life of the compressor and in turn your freezer.

The  Solar Powered Freezers are designed with consumer and commercial use in mind. The philosophy behind this product is efficiency, durability, quality, and value. So take charge and put those savings back into your own pockets!

Ideal Use:

  • Home – Replacing traditional heavy consumption refrigerators
  • Cabin/Cottages – Go off-grid, instead of paying for electric bills convert to self-sustaining
  • RV/Mobile – Applicable to sustainable and mobile applications
  • Rural/Off-grid – Anywhere it may be costly or not feasible to pull electric lines
  • Replacing Gas powered units

~ 4.5in Polyurethane Walls
~ Double Lid Gasket
~ Air cooled condenser for fast cool-down
~ Coated Steel Interior for aesthetics & easy cleaning
~ Operating lights for easy trouble-shooting
~ Two in one thermostat (refrigerate or freezer)


Total Volume

598 Liters / 21 cu.ft.

Cooling System

Direct Cooling

Temperature Control


Rated Operating Voltage

12V 9.6-17V / 24V 21-31.5V

Rated Current (A)

4A x2 / 5A x2

Typical Power Draw

0.75 KWh x2 - 0.9KWh x2

Refrigeration Agent


Blowing Agent


Product Dimension (in.)

W 31.7/ H 36.2/ L 82.9

Carton Box Dimension (in)

W 34/ H 41/ L 86

Weight Per Carton

298 lbs

Performance Warranty

1.5 yrs




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