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Remote Switch Adapters

Remote Switch Adapters

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The ME-RSA and ME-RSA-M Remote Switch Adapters allow users to connect a external switch to remotely turn the inverter ON and OFF. The ME-RSA requires a “maintain” or on/off type of switch to turn the inverter ON or OFF. The ME-RSA-M requires a “momentary” type of switch and allows multiple switches in different locations to turn the inverter ON and OFF.

These Remote Switch Adapters are simple to install and are designed to be used with inverters that provide a “stack/accessories” port. The ME-RSA or ME-RSA-M cannot be used with the MS-PAE or MS-PE Series inverters.

Model Numbers

  • ME-RSA
  • ME-RSA-M

Works With

  • ME Series
  • MS Series
  • MSH-M Series
  • MSH-RE Series
  • MS-AEJ Series
  • MS-E Series
  • RD Series
  • RD-E Series

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