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Comes with 15' Cable

For use with PSE inverters and Older PST-600 Watt and higher inverters.

For NEW PST inverters, refer to RC-15A or RC-200.

RC-15 Remote control for the following inverters:

  • PSE-12125A, PSE-24125A
  • PSE-12175A, PSE-24175A

  • PSE-12275A, PSE-24275A

Older PST 'S' Series

  • PST-60S-12A, PST-60S-24A
  • PST-100S-12A, PST-100S-24A

  • PST-150S-12A, PST-150S-24A

  • PST-200S-12A, PST-200S-24A