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Install up to four UltraLite E-Panels with each Nottagutter.

The Nottagutter accepts two E-Panels on top and two E-Panels bottom or on the sides

Includes 2 pole 60 amp bypass and 2 pole 60 amp Inverter breaker.

Supports 3 additional 2 pole 60 amp inverter breakers

Plus and minus busbars

Optional Din Rail bracket to support 6 additional Din Rail breakers

Competing systems mount the inverters too close together. Notice the physical separation between inverters on the Nottagutter that offers better cooling and improved reliability. Higher charger rates are also achieved due to improved cooling. The Nottagutter also takes up less wall space.

The ends are designed to accept inverters, charge controllers or inverter battery breakers. Features include massive DC+ and DC- busbars to accommodate up to four inverters and auxiliary DC circuits. Terminal busbars include 120/240V AC input, AC output, Neutral and ground busbars. Additional space allows for three phase busbars. 60 amp AC Bypass is standard.

Main Breaker Current Rating - 250A
Number of spaces - 12
Bus bar rating - 180A
Environment type - 1 (Indoor)
Max. Wire Size - 4/0
Max. AC Voltage - 277VAC
Max. DC Voltage - 300VDC