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MNSOB3R-2P is a disconnect switch. It has a 2 channel switch that breaks both the positive and negative of a PV string to a Transformer-less inverter. It has a combined rating of 600v and 20 amps as shipped. The switch is good for 100amps but the wire and terminal blocks limit it to 20 amps.

* Disconnect has built in shunt trip with positive feedback
* Birdhouse compatible
* Optional PV connected power supply
* See thru dead front
* 3R aluminum enclosure (no rust, won’t turn to dust)
* Load Break Rated
* 90o C connections
* 1/2" strain reliefs and hole plugs included
* Meets NEC 2011 and 2014 NEC 690.12

Available with Power Supply board factory installed for Plug and Play compatibility with the MidNite Solar Birdhouse Rapid System Shut Down Controller.
MNSOB3R-2P-PSB $649.00