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MNSI6048D-2CL150 (SMA Off Grid or Grid Tied)

MNSI6048D-2CL150 (SMA Off Grid or Grid Tied)

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MidNite Solar pre-wired inverter systems offer a turn key solution to installing a battery based inverter system, saving time in the field. With a pre-wired solution all of the confusion is taken out of selecting all the right parts. Hookup between inverters done with included wire and conduit. This system uses 2 of the SMA Sunny Island inverter that are rated at 6,000 watts each and uses a 48 volt battery. It produces 120/240 volts AC and has a single AC input.


  • Two SMA Sunny Islands Pre-Wired 6048 120/240 vac Inverters for Off Grid or Battery based Grid tie
  • Two MNE250SMA E-Panels
  • AC Bypass Assembly
  • Two Classic 150 charge controller with DC-GFP (Ground Fault protection) and Arc Fault protection built in.
  • Two MNSPD300’s (Surge Protection Devices)
  • Two 250 amp Battery Main Breakers for the Sunny Islands
  • Warranty - 5 yrs.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada.
  • MidNite E-Panel, Classic Charge Contoller and SPD’s made in the USA
  • SMA Sunny Island Inverter made in Germany
50" T x 26.75" W x 11.5" D per inverter
Box Size
2 crates each being 56" L x 28" W x 19" D