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  • SMA Sunny Island Pre-Wired 6048 120 vac Inverter for Off Grid or Battery based Grid tie
  • MidNite MNX-240 AUTOFORMER to create 120/240VAC for the AC OUT
  • 120VAC on the Input side from Grid
  • Off Gridor grid tied
  • AC Bypass assembly included
  • Classic 150 charge controller
  • Two MNEDC panel mount breakers (for the Classic)
  • Two MNSPD-300-DC (Surge Protection Devices)
  • DC-GFP - built in to Classic
  • Arc Fault Detector - built into the Classic
  • 250 amp Battery Main Breaker
  • General labor for assembly, test and crating
  • MidNite Battery Temperature sensor (MNBTS)
  • SMA battery Temperature sensor (BTS)
  • Warranty - 5 yrs.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • MidNite E-Panel, Classic Charge Contoller and SPD’s made in the USA
  • SMA Sunny Island Inverter made in Germany
  • Truck Freight Only

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