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MNPV16HV-Disco 4X

MNPV16HV-Disco 4X

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MNPV16HV Disco 4X PV Disconnecting Combiner, 5 poles, 100 amp load break rated or 175 amps load break rated for busbars and switch, 600 volt max.

* Convertible configuration (field configurable)
* Sixteen strings combined for up to 230 Amps single pole disconnect)
* 8 + 8 strings, separate PV+ and PV- for use with 2 inverters (2 pole 115A disconnect)
* 8 strings plus, 8 strings minus for use with non-isolated inverters (2 pole 115A 600VDC disconnect)
* Disconnect switch has built in shunt trip with positive feedback
* See thru deadfront & color coded busbar guards included
* Birdhouse compatible
* Optional PV connected power supply
* Load Break Rated
* Optional AC connected power supply for redundancy
* MNSPD600 lightning arrestor included
* Nema 4X aluminum enclosure (no rust, won’t turn to dust) conduit/strain relief holes punched
* Accepts 1/2" strain reliefs included or 3/4"
* Hole plugs supplied
* 90o C connections
* Fuseholders included
* 15a/600v fuses included
* Meets 2014 NEC 690.12

The difference between the regular Disco combiners and the DLTL version is that the MNPV16HV-Disco-4X is made for a single 16 string inverter, 2 8 sting inverters or one 8 string transformerless where as the DLTL is set up for 8 strings in and 2 strings out for Dual MPPT on transformerless

Available with Power Supply board factory installed for Plug and Play compatibility with the MidNite Solar Birdhouse Rapid System Shut Down Controller.
MNPV16HV DISCO 4X-PSB $1,569.00