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The MidNite Clipper is designed to control Wind or Hydro turbines and work with the Classic to charge your battery. The Clipper communicates with the Classic to slow the turbine when the batteries are full, and also contains a stand alone self powered adjustable max VOC limiting circuit. The AC Clipper is designed to work with AC turbines and was designed for up to 1.5kw maximum turbines. The 1.5K AC Clipper comes standard with 2 ohms of resistance per phase. We can custom build other resistance values upon request and have designed an easy to change resistor insert for the Clipper allowing changes in the field.

The AC Clipper contains two 277 VAC 50 Amp 3 phase AC breakers (one for a stop switch) and a 1200 volt 200 Amp 3 phase bridge rectifier.

The Bergey XL1 uses the 1,500 watt 2 ohm’s per phase Clipper


The 1,500 watt AC Clipper comes in several different resistance values. The standard values available are 0.8 and 2.0 ohms per phase. Please add the value to the part number (For Example MNCLIP1.5KAC2.0) Please contact Customer service for help picking the correct resistance or if you need a value not listed.

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