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Generator inlet is shown but not part of this kit.

This kit provides all the necessary breakers and brackets to assemble your own Power back up system. The /GEN versions have the extra generator input transfer switch and AC inlet. Use these kits with our "B" or "C" battery enclosures.

* 175 OR 250 amp breaker MUST SPECIFY BREAKER SIZE
* AC ground bus bar
* AC input and output terminal blocks for field wiring connections
* GFCI outlet and associated 15 amp breaker wired
* Two 15 amp and one 20 amp load circuit breakers
* 50 amp AC breakers (AC input disconnect and AC bypass switch)
* 500 amp/50mV shunt for connection of battery and inverter negatives with bat negative busbar
* AC inlet for portable generator recessed on side for Large Backup Kit/gen models
* 50 amp utility/15 amp generator transfer switch on 120 VAC/gen models
* 50 amp utility/30 amp generator transfer switch on 240 VAC/gen models
* Knockout spaces for four additional AC or DC breakers on non-gen models * Mounting hardware for Magnum or OutBack inverter