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Ignition Switch Activate (MM-ISA)

Ignition Switch Activate (MM-ISA)

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The MM-ISA (Ignition Switch Activate) pigtail adapter is designed to provide a means to turn the inverter on or off (on Magnum MM/MMS type inverter/chargers) when a 12 volt DC signal is provided or removed. This is useful in applications where it may be desirable to allow 120VAC inverter loads to be automatically powered when the vehicle ignition switch is turned on.

The MM-ISA pigtail adapter is simple to install and use. It is only used with MM(-E), MM-AE, or MMS(-E) Series inverter/chargers that include an “ACCESSORIES” port.

Note: The MM-ISA does not work with the MM612 inverter. It does not have an “ACCESSORIES” port.

Model Numbers

  • MM-ISA