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  • Maintains the integrity of earth bond for battery and loads.
  • Trips at lower fault current with greater accuracy.
  • Breaks both conductors in the faulted circuit and completely isolates PV source circuits.
  • Does not require an extra warning label at the battery as per U.S. National Electric Code requirements.
  • Provides design flexibility to meet a wide range of configurations:
  • Positive and negative ground
  • Large and small arrays
  • Makes it easier to locate and troubleshoot ground faults.
  • Powered via the PV system’s battery bank.
  • Equipped with both visual and audible alarms.
  • Built to support both single controller and multiple controllers systems:
  • Morningstar’s GFPD will only shut off affected controllers, while maintaining the system earth bond.
  • All loads will continue to operate safely with the battery remaining bonded
  • Multiple controllers and GFPDs can be added on an as-needed basis

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