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AC Breakers (BR-AC)

AC Breakers (BR-AC)

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The BR-AC30D and BR-AC60S are AC breakers that are used as the disconnect switch and overcurrent protection device for the inverter’s AC input. These circuit breakers come equipped with slots in the molded case for attaching mounting brackets/feet, which allows them to be easily back-mounted to the breaker mounting plate inside the MP (Magnum Panel) enclosure.


Depending on the part number, the breaker is either a 30 amp dual pole (PN: BR-AC30D) or a 60 amp single pole (PN: BR-AC60S), general purpose Square-D QOU™ type, back-mountable, AC circuit breaker.

These breakers are provided with the MP enclosure and MPX extensions.

Model Numbers

  • BR-AC30D (30 amp, dual pole)
  • BR-AC60S (60 amp, single pole)